September 22, 2014

Copic Coloring for Card Makers

Today was the first day of the Online Card Class I’m taking and it was really fun playing around with my new Copic Markers. My head was spinning from all the numbers this weekend in preparation and anticipation for this class but watching Jennifer Mcguires’s Video from class really alleviated some of my concerns about natural blending pairs of markers because she said all you really need is a light marker and a dark marker to have a possible good pair. Obviously not every light can be used with every dark she encouraged us all to play around have fun and that was really what I needed to hear so I can stop obsessing about what markers go with what. Thanks Jennifer, you rock!

Here are my practice sheets. I have been getting better and better every time I try and I really love playing especially with long flawy beautiful hair pictures oh my!!! But let’s start with the practice cheers they gave us.

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